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Feb 5 09 12:50 AM

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These Management Games are a series of five games played every year by email.
In each game, you are invited to run a business which involves you in making a set of decisions every three or four days via email. In each game you are competing against three other players, and the object of the game is to be the most successful financially.
After each set of decisions, you will receive a trading report which tells you how well or how badly you are doing compared with your opponents.
Each games lasts for three weeks (six sets of email decisions) and depending on the size of the entry, successful players will meet other successful players in further games until we have a Champion.
Games to be played in 2009 are T-Shirt, TV Magazine, Theme Park, Celebmobile and Washing Machine. and each game is slightly more complex than the previous game.
The first game in the 2009 started on January 5th and finishes on March 5th. The next game starts on  March 9th and an email to will get you a starter pack.
You will need to be able to read Excel spreadsheets to play the games, and if you don't have Excel on your computer, you can obtain a free Excel Viewer from

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