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Feb 19 08 4:20 PM

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So I was watching the ever-so-entertaining nip/tuck where a character wanted her face to look like a cat. Turns our someone is called the cat lady and she is very rich. Her name is Jocelyn Wildenstein. Check it out!

Cat Face Lady

I'll be

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Feb 19 08 6:12 PM

I sooo totally knew who she was the minute I saw her. I think she is amazing. I hoping she is getting some good tail because of her look... ahahha. At least she got her wish of being talked about and making an entrance when she enters a room.

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Feb 20 08 9:21 AM

seen her before.. must say that i prefer the crazy old cat woman from the simpsons over her though. also.. i wonder if this catwoman goes down well with halle. i mean, sheesh, this one looks more like a pancake cat. you know, these furry persian rug type cats, fat face and all... doh.

also i wonder, what kinda cat looks like that? the cat-astrophe? i mean she must have modelled her face on some 'real' cat, right? have they gone extinct in the meantime cause i haven't seen anything like that being called 'cat'

btw replying with ie 7.0 in vista failed earlier today. wouldnt let me post anytink

if you ain't broke. fix it.

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Feb 20 08 6:57 PM

Am I the only one that thinks a cat/girl hybrid could actually be hot, if done well? I mean that is just a shameful piece of work...but in my mind, MEEOOWW!

Specializing in the acute acceleration of Asperger’s.

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Feb 21 08 3:53 AM

oh btw. now posting with ie 7 in vista works. same machine as yesterday, same network, no change in firewall settings. so the posting not happening was a forum related issue, not client environment side.

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#10 [url]

Feb 21 08 3:57 AM

btw, i wouldn't put asians into the feline looking category. the only real connection i see is the slanted eyes which resemble cat eyes. drop in some yellow/greenish contacts and voila.

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#11 [url]

Feb 21 08 10:18 AM

This is all getting a little bit too close to furrys

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