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Mar 3 08 6:48 PM

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What are you guys opinions on having it so that if someone clicks on an external link it opens it up in another window/tab?

Not sure what my opinions are... just thinking of it in keeping people on the page perspective.

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Apr 21 08 12:23 AM

oh.. well ok, guess tis a bit late and all. but that was something that always ticked me off. click and off to some random page, so i have to back button or backspace it to the original post. i've come to use command click here so i get my new tab.

i'd be interested to hear your opinions on this, and why not opening a new tab (and have the page be completely gone, for the time being, see back button/backspace above) would be a better choice. or what the reasoning behind that is.

if you ain't broke. fix it.

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