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Jan 10 08 8:46 AM

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I realise some people will get far far to excited by this, so I'll spread the word (even though its no secret, I can't find this exciting at all)

New Soul Calibur IV game, yay! as is becoming traditional, there will be platform specific special characters:
PS3: Darth Vader
360: Yoda

So there you have it, Light Sabers in soul Calibur.

Still I don't care, I can smash your face in using the bendy stick guy, regardless.

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Jan 10 08 12:58 PM

dood... you gotta play Yoda. I mean sheeeeeet Ludacris would use Yoda and shit. I mean god damn Yoda with a lightsaber are you kidding me!? I can't believe you're even debating it. I think you're on my shitlist now.

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