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Jul 27 08 10:32 PM

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Should I invite all the ansi artists I know to make Lefora logos for us? :)

Nice work on the skull in the 'e'... simply magic... I feel like this is a warez board now.

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Aug 7 08 10:20 AM

is there even ansi editors left?
i dont even remember what tools we used back then. seriously. my mind just went blank coming up with a tool. i know there was some kinda ansi editor about. there must have been, i mean really. hm? anybody share some insight?

sheeesh i need to salvage my old pcs from going to the scrap yard - all the stuff on there!

if you ain't broke. fix it.

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Aug 7 08 11:57 AM

nah, it was way before that.. i did my last ansi in '95/96 i think. t'was for some finnish bbs and i also did a few asc2 piece around then. mostly stuff like file_id.diz for a trsi tp94 file_id.diz among others

there must have been some tool around back then.. aciddraw somewhat looks familiar though. but pablo draw is def. way past my time - never saw it until now. maybe i should go get all the acid and ice packs of old again? memories

also were there ever ansis on amiga? i only remember ascii stuff from them and their cracktros / infos.

if you ain't broke. fix it.

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Aug 7 08 1:16 PM

I always used TheDraw.. then again, I wasn't much of an ansi artist

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Aug 9 08 10:13 AM

You asked if there where any editors left now, so thats what pablo draw is - a new one.

aciddraw was the king, and I forgot about TheDraw as Mr Sam Points out.

Yeah there is ansi-like stuff on the amiga, its just it has a slightly weird characater set, so erm its slightly weird.

it's better than bad, it's good

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#7 [url]

Aug 10 08 4:41 AM

yea, you're right. thanks for pointing that out.
i've been so out of the loop for like 9 years now (regarding general scene stuff) i don't even remember names from back then.

amiga ansi.. now that demands further digging through my dump

if you ain't broke. fix it.

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Aug 12 08 11:49 AM

Because its not in the header anymore, I thought I should add it to this topic


we don't want to loose that!

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