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Aug 2 08 12:04 PM

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I would like to have a result that has the usual layout that is used in most forums on the web.
That may be boring but should be available as on option because it`s very functional:
You immediately know where to look for discussions etc.

I have looked at this example forum and the one by Kate of BBC Click and I find there is too much going on on the pages. Stylish is nice but overcrowded is not great for orientation.

In times of so much info overload a typical reaction of a visitor that doesn`t immediately find what he/she was expecting (from all that he/she knows about all the other forums) could be to be reluctant to take a minute or to and leave the site.
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Aug 3 08 11:41 AM

Lefora does have an option for classic style forums for those that want it, though to be honest lefora is, for better or worse, intentionally trying to offer something fresh.

Also this particular forum has a rather unconventional look to say the least.

Some people like new, some people just want the same as always, and as you say, they should have the option - and they do =]

it's better than bad, it's good

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