Mar 18 11 5:10 AM

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This is for the COD MW2 fans, they know what I'm on about. Ever notice how Sgt. Foley orders Ramirez around 56 times in the game? Here's what you didn't hear:

Ramirez! Do everything!
Ramirez! Eat this pinecone!
Ramirez! Sacrafice a goat!
Ramirez! Hide! It's raining choppaz!
Ramirez! Cover my rear... Get your hands off my ass!
Ramirez! Reload my gun for me!
Ramirez! Destroy that tank while we shoot at nothing!
Ramirez! Run to Burger Town! Now run back!
Ramirez! I forgot everyone else's names so you have to take point every time!
Ramirez! Take down that AC-130 with this Tactical Insertion!
Ramirez! Do a quadruple backflip!
Ramirez! Learn to shit on paper!
Ramirez! Block that Tactical Nuke with this banana!
Ramirez! Fetch my slippers!
Ramirez! Pick up this ring and take it to Mordor!
Ramirez! Jump up to the Predator drone and try to fix it!
Ramirez! Roundhouse that BTR's ass!
Ramirez! Melee the tank!
Ramirez! Throw smoke! Defend Burger Town! Use the Predator Drone! Take down those helicopters! Get to the convoy! Mark those houses! Take out the AA! Find the Panic room! Defend the Evac point! Man the minigun! Assault he White House! Use the flares! Take my crap all at once!
Dunn! Do nothing! Sit on that sofa! Eat donuts! Relax while I give you a footrub! Ramirez! Do everything!