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Apr 18 08 5:14 PM

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I'll be

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Apr 22 08 10:43 AM

Seems pretty intense. I just wonder when is the best time since I am sure you want to decrease the amount of physical activity you do. Would I need to stop walking to work etc.

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Apr 24 08 1:51 AM

hm, interesting.. interesting combination of stuff to take in. well worth the try.. i guess if you're not powerwalking to work and back you should be fine. if anything it's only the stretch from market upwards that would have you keel over... :p
thing is i don't know if you could keep it up for a month. i mean as in stay healthy. i've some doubts about that, 10 days should be just fine. been doing 5 days on no food whatsoever, just water... you'll feel rather weak near the end. get one proper meal and you're good to go again though...

/dr phil

if you ain't broke. fix it.

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