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Sep 28 12 2:02 AM

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Nov 21 12 8:33 AM

Hello all,

susana here, this place rocks man , i have a job to offers for all, i want people who can Graphic Designers, web disigner's, coders, data entry people, customer support, freelancers of all kinds, basically who can do something or the other in the internet with good skills i need to see some samples of your work so i can decide on your job also i can offer you a fill time job not more than $10 USD per hour so hope that is fine if so please reply to me post i will be doing a sub lease on you will be working for a client under me i will get what pay that client gives me buy pay you $10 USD per hour what i get is non of your business so if you agree do let me know we can start right away.

Thanks a lot for your reply man,

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