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Sep 11 07 3:26 PM

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Ever go into those wikipedia streaks where you start clicking away and somehow end up at Demolition from the WWF?  Me too.  I like this one cause I learned of the term "heel" which is more or less the bad guy in wrestling.  Also they explain why demolition ended up with 3 wrestlers for a tag team.  Good stuff.

I'll be

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Oct 1 07 5:26 PM

I actually spent a whole weekend and did get through 50+ wrestling articles... some good ones are about the Hart family... I had no idea they were so hardcore.

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Oct 2 07 11:54 AM

When you get on a wikipedia a streak like that can happen. I remember doing that with the whole Street Fighter series with every character that's appeared in their games

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C00l D00d

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Oct 3 07 3:34 AM

it looks like we've all been there.. I studied all possible links starting from Godzilla a week or so ago. You know what would be great - if you were able to add articles quickly to a queue and read them a la Google Reader later.

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